Non-Clinical Research

Biofortis scientists are available to support your project with a range of non-clinical research services. We can provide proprietary research reviews, commentaries, manuscripts and consulting to support the nutrition, food and supplement industries.

We also offer Data Management services including data collection and export.
Our biostatisticians can apply their specialized skills to analyses of data from many areas such as observational studies, R&D, laboratory method validation, genomics and more.

Consulting and Scientific Writing

Examples of consulting and scientific writing include:

• White papers and science-based literature reviews

• Manuscript writing and publication

• Expert opinion, editorials, and general consulting

Our scientists, project managers and other key personnel provide consulting services for clinical research study management including services to re-energize studies which are not going according to plan.

We have numerous publications in the top journals in nutrition and related fields focusing on clinical nutrition in relation to cardiovascular health, glucose control and other metabolic health issues.

Literature-based Research

• Research Synthesis or Evidence Mapping Studies

Research Synthesis Studies are methods to systematically and objectively assess the totality of published evidence related to a specific question. The first step in a research synthesis study is the available evidence. Biofortis includes a team of scientists with experience in the systematic mapping of evidence using current methodologies and databases.

• Systematic Reviews

A systematic review is an objective assessment of the quantity and quality of the totality of evidence related to a specific question. Systematic reviews are a foundation of evidence-based nutrition and result in a narrative report of the
totality of evidence. Biofortis scientists use the highest available standards in compiling and grading evidence for systematic review studies.

• Meta-Analyses

Meta-analysis uses statistical methods to combine results of individual studies in order to assess an outcome or effect across a body of clinical or epidemiological literature. By combining and analyzing the results of similar clinical studies
through the use of statistical tools, meta-analysis extends what is found in a systematic review while reinforcing the precision and accuracy of study findings and thereby aiding the decision process.. Biofortis scientists and statisticians are experienced at compiling and evaluating various types of data using statistical procedures.