Contract Research

Biofortis is your contract research partner for innovation in food, nutrition, health, cosmetics and consumer goods. Let us partner with you to create the products and processes of tomorrow with the practical application of science today.

Backed by the Mérieux Institute’s long tradition of research and commitment to scientific excellence, the Biofortis R&D team executes all or part of your projects starting with the initial research documentation until formalization of the results.

We offer you access to a highly qualified team of global experts dedicated to your needs and special cases:

• Detection of foreign bodies

• DNA extraction on specific matrices

• Literature review

• Development and validation of preanalytical, allergen, GMO, microbial, and other methods

Our Contract Research and Innovation Centers in Europe and North America offer a complete range of cutting-edge R&D services. We tailor our solutions to your specifications, helping you develop innovative processes to identify and detect contaminants, pathogens, adulterations, product authenticity, fraud and more.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a full portfolio of contract research services to ensure the stability, quality and safety of your food products, from concept development to retail shelf.