Retail / Private Label

In an era of consolidation and globalization, food retailers face an enormous two-prong challenge: differentiating their brand while ensuring their products meet increasingly rigid industry and regulatory safety standards worldwide.

Since our 1967 inception, we have taken pride in building sustained partnerships and providing our retail sector clients with expert scientific and technical services. From data assessment services to employee education, we provide our customers with total solution services. From product development to delivery, our highly trained professionals can help you protect your brand and get your product to market with confidence.

Private Label
With over $80 billion in sales worldwide, private label products have achieved unprecedented acceptance with consumers everywhere, it is estimated that private label sales now account for one of every three products sold.
Whether you’re seeking to recalibrate the shelf-life of a reformulated food product, validate the content of an OTC drug, or evaluate the efficacy of an antimicrobial, our laboratories are open year-round to assist you. Employing recognized industry standards and approved methodologies, our microbiologists, chemists, and sensory experts deliver relevant data and exemplary services.

As part of our extensive capabilities, we provide retail label development services for multiple countries. Moreover, Silliker professionals can help ensure your product meets stringent retailer’s requirements and rules under the USDA’s “Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act,” Health Canada’s “Food and Drugs Act,” European Union (EU) Commission guidelines and other national regulations.

Our comprehensive services encompass:
·      Product quality monitoring for chemistry, microbiology, sensory and physical attributes
·    National brand equivalent comparisons, including performance testing, physical and sensory product attributes, labeling claims and packaging
·      Shelf-life studies
·      Specification development
·      Desktop reviews
·      Third-party auditing, including Safe Quality Food (SQF) and BRC certification audits
·      Labeling compliance review and verification
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