Natural Health Products

Natural Health Product (NHP) manufacturers today take on the responsibility of incoming ingredient identity, in-process controls and verification testing and confirmation of the absence of adulterants and contaminants.

Silliker testing centers of excellence in the US, France, Canada, and Mexico specialize in the analysis of natural health products (NHPs). Silliker-JR Laboratories was one of the first laboratories in Canada to dedicate itself extensively to the analysis of NHPs. Over the past several years, the Burnaby facility has developed over 100 analytical methods for active components in natural herb products. Silliker Burnaby and Markham labs are set up to run USP microbiology testing, and offer stability chamber storage and testing as well.

Our dietary services encompass a wide range of tests: bioactives from natural products, nutraceutical compounds, botanicals (herbs), vitamins, amino acids, vegetables, enzymes, and biological activity. Silliker used validated methods, such as AOAC and USP. Additionally, Silliker offers comprehensive contaminant screens including drug residues, pesticides and heavy metals in honey-based products and more.  Click to learn about Silliker Chemistry Testing Services.

USP Suitability Tests
One critical product safety and quality criteria for the cosmetic and dietary supplement industries is validating that the analytical methods they use to test for potential adulterants are applicable for their specific matrices. Silliker researchers use industry recognized USP standards, and help clients verify the efficacy of methods and ensure products are safe for consumers. We deliver reliable and accurate testing results to help you determine the suitability of lots and support your QA programs.

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