Import / Export

Silliker works with importers and exporters to ensure that your products will pass the regulations imposed by the importing and exporting country.

Silliker offers a complete analytical and inspection service for food manufacturers and importers who are responsible for the quality and safety of their products.We can customize a cost-effective and scientifically sound program including:

- Test-in-country, using recognized sampling methods, accredited testing methods and most current technologies

- Raw material specification development and review services
- Local inspections and audits, port and manufacturing, to reduce the risk of contaminants and non-conformance
- Silliker Global Certification Services certified audits provide independent verification that product specifications and regulatory requirements have been met by suppliers


We provide on-going assistance in the following areas:
Container integrity
Commercial sterility
Drained and net contents
Sensory Evaluation
Pesticide Residues
Food Additives
Aflatoxin and Agricultural Contaminants

Seafood / Fish Products:
Silliker provides a wide range of services specifically suited to the fishing industry. Those services cover the areas of seafood safety, nutrition and quality. We also offer professional expertise in consulting and contract research.
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Natural Health Products:
Identification, assay, physical evaluation and microbiological examination according to US Pharmacopoeia methodology as required by the Health Protection Branch under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Programs.
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