Waste Testing

All manufacturing processes produce liquid and solid wastes. Mérieux NutriSciences provides a full range of testing capabilities to support the classification of waste and environmentally responsible waste management programs.

Our specialized analytical tests provide physicochemical and biological characterization of waste in order to establish proper methods for its handling, harvesting, treatment and disposal.

We offer the following testing services for solid wastes and industrial materials:

- Classification of waste for disposal according to local and international


- Efficacy of inertization treatment verification

- In vitro tests to evaluate the behavior of materials with high PH

- Ecotoxicological tests:

  • Acute and chronic toxicity in fishes, microtox, microcrustaceans (Daphnia similis), algae, etc
  • Genotoxicity test on plants and bacteria
  • Cytotoxicity tests

Mérieux NutriSciences offers specific expertise in the detection and quantification of asbestos.

Waste water analyses are performed as part of Water Testing, depending on chemical and physical contamination of the sample.