Regulatory Consulting

The cosmetics industry is highly regulated and continually evolving to ensure the safety
of use and legitimacy of label claims for a wide range of personal care products. Our
expert understanding of global guidelines and allow us to offer up-to-date support for all
of your regulatory needs.

Our experts continuously review and update analytical approaches in response to
regulatory changes, such as the characterization of new allergenic substances, packaging
materials and in-vitro safety evaluation. We offer technical and scientific support on
legislation concerning a broad range of cosmetic and personal care products, from skin
care to solar protection.

Our regulatory consultancy services support a range of specialized requirements for the
personal care and cosmetics industry:

• Analytical method development support for safety evaluation

• Labeling reviews and verification of claims

• Support of cosmetic claims by dedicated efficacy studies

• Non conformity investigation

• Customized regulatory assistant services available upon request

We can advise you on specific safety regulations regarding:

• Raw materials

• Cosmetic packaging materials

• Symbols used on packaging and containers

• Prohibited and restricted substances

• Approved colorings, preservatives and UV filters

• Animal testing and validated alternative safety testing methods

• Environmental protection: ecotoxicity and biodegradability tests

• Regulatory requirements