Microbiota Analysis

Microbiota analysis offers important new indicators of the safety and efficacy of your
cosmetic and personal care products on the skin and scalp.

The skin is the largest human organ. Skin flora or microbiota contributes to the
equilibrium of the skin barrier and is an important bioindicator of human health. The
healthy human skin microbiome represents around 1,000 bacterial species and over two
million genes. The equilibrium of the skin and scalp flora contributes to overall health,
and an imbalance contributes to diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and

Mérieux NutriSciences is conducting innovative research into the human microbiome in
the areas of nutrition, health and cosmetics. Skin microbiota analysis offers promising
opportunities for applied research in cosmetics and dermatology:

• Prediction of skin disorders (characterization or microbiota health indicators)

• Prevention and treatment of skin disorders (modulation of skin flora)

• Personalized product development (based on skin flora characteristics)

We offer the following microbiota analytical services and studies in support of your new
product or research project:

• Clinical study design, recruitment and statistical analysis

        o Exploratory studies for characterization of skin microbiota based on

           ethnicity, age, sex, body site, healthy or diseased skin or scalp

        o Comparative studies for tolerance testing: skin microbiota equilibrium

           including composition, diversity, richness and homeostasis

        o Modulation of microbiome studies to determine beneficial effect of

          probiotics, skin and scalp products

• Biological analysis such as oxidative stress, immune and inflammatory markers

• Skin and gut microbiota characterization including sampling, logistics and

  processing, bioinformatics and statistical analysis

• Reports and scientific communications