Efficacy and Claim Support

Mérieux NutriSciences can partner with your R&D and marketing teams to perform
clinical evaluations in order to demonstrate the efficacy of your product. Our full-service
offer includes study design and consultancy on protocols to support specific claims and
label information along with data monitoring and biostatistical expertise.

Our scientific evaluations on human volunteers provide essential data to substantiate
claims such as wrinkle reduction, water resistance and solar protection factors.

As part of our Sensory and Consumer Research services, we offer product use tests to determine consumer satisfaction through questionnaires and a panel of volunteers,
without any physician evaluation. The output is a satisfaction rate obtained after
product use according to guidelines determined by the client.

All clinical tests are conducted in accordance with international regulatory guidelines
and in full respect of the ethical principles set out in the Declaration of Helsinki. They are
carried out by qualified and suitably trained technicians.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers in vivo testing on healthy volunteers to provide scientific
data in support of the following claims:

Body and Face Care:

• Skin hydration

• Skin elasticity

• Barrier effect using Trans-Epidermal Water Loss

• Anti-wrinkle, anti-eye-bags, anti-puffiness

• Effect on lip volume

• Anti-cellulite, slimming local effect

• Anti-greasiness, matifying effect: sebometry

• Lenitive effect and reservoir effect on soaps

• Whitening effect

Hair Care:

• Strong hold: morphological analysis by SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscopy) on

   natural hair locks to evaluate hair-care product efficacy

• Long-lasting hair dyes and/or coloring: image analysis of coloring resistance

• Anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss


• Water resistant

• Mascara extending/volumizing: SEM

• Long-lasting effect

• Curling effect: in vivo

• Long lasting: in vitro and in vivo evaluation of makeup

• Make-up removal efficacy

• Nail polish studies

Deodorant and Perfumes:

• Deodorant effectiveness and anti-perspirant activity: Sniff test

• Anti-stain claim evaluation

Sunscreen Products:

• SPF/Sun Protection Factor

• Water resistance

• In vitro determination of the absorbance spectrum and in vitro SPF

• UVA protection factor and critical wavelength

• Broad spectrum

• Photo-stability of UV filters

Mérieux NutriSciences offers DermaTOP Technology

The DermaTOP system is the latest generation of skin scanner dedicated to non-contact
local measurement of skin topography.

• Based on a patented fringe projection unit using blue light combined with

   imaging technique

• Offers performance and flexibility to address different measurement studies

   ranging from micro-relief hydration, wrinkle reduction and firmness effects.

• Uses different sets of lenses to adapt the field of view to different needs, and

   includes a high-resolution camera.

• Visio-3D bench facilitates consistent positioning and repositioning of volunteers,

   ensuring convenience and reliable results.