Françoise Levacon, Head of Biofortis Research, created Atlangène in 1996; a company specializing in research, sequencing, allergens, and probiotic and prebiotic analysis for the pharmaceutical and food industries.








Murielle Cazaubiel, Head of Biofortis Clinical France, launched a start-up research center in 2002 that enabled agri-food companies to perform clinical studies in humans in compliance with pharmaceutical industry standards.








Hugette Nicod created Adriant in 1984, now known as Biofortis Sensory & Consumer, an innovative company providing support in product development, marketing strategy and consulting for manufacturers. The innovative methodologies in sensory expertise and consumer trends enable industrial players to position themselves in the market.









In 2001, Kevin Maki founded Provident, a CRO specializing in nutrition research in Chicago. He joined Biofortis entrepreneurs group in April 2011, broadening the scope of our expertise in nutrition in areas such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders.





Initiative, integrity, excellence and responsibility are key values that have led these start-ups and their directors to regroup under the Biofortis brand in order to develop scientific innovation for global businesses in the nutritional sector, in particular.

Biofortis combines these entrepreneurial values with vision and international expertise. And because we are part of Mérieux NutriSciences Group, Biofortis has unrivaled international scientific access in Brazil, the USA, China and Europe.